SCHONEVELDE (Schönfeld) (Schonefeld), Stephan van (von)

Ichthyologia, et Nomenclatura animalium marinorum, fluviatilium et lacustrium quae in ducatibus Slesvici et Holsatiae occurrunt ; cum figuris, Schonevelde, Stephan van or Schonfeld Stephan von.

Ex Bibliopolio Heringiano, 1624, quarto, 87, Latin text with the complete 7 fold out copper plates. Contemporary vellum boards and spine. Red spine label states Ichthyologia, Schonevelde. Some inoffensive staining.

Extremely rare book on ichthyology. A significant contribution to the taxonomy of fishes. Stunning and bright images. A contemporary binding.

Some images were copied by Willughby and Ray: Tab 1. Albula Nobilis see Willughby, 1686, Tab. N 6, 4 as Eperlanus Schonfeldij.
Tab II. Asellus Virescens see Willughby and Ray, 1686, Tab. L.m.I.n3 as Asellus virescens Schonfeldij. Asellus Varius 6. see Willughby and Ray, 1686, afbeelding in Tab. L.m.I.nI als Asellus varius Schonfeldij. Tab III. Cataphractus actus see Willughby and Ray, 1686, depiction in Tab. N 6, 3 as Cataphractus Schonfeldij. Cataphractus supinus. see Willughby and Ray, 1686, depiction in Tab. N 6, 1 as Cataphractus supinus Schonfeldij. Tab IIII. Taenia Cornuta, see Willughby and Ray, 1686, depiction in Tab. Q3, 6 as Taenia cornuta Schonfeldij. Mustela marina Vivipara , see Willughby and Ray, 1686, depiction in Tab. H3, 5 as Mustela vivipara Sconfeld. Aculeatus marinus Maior. see Willughby and Ray, 1686, depiction in Tab. X13, 2 as Aculeatus marinus maior Schonfeldij. Tab V. Lupis marinus Nostras and Lycostomus balthicus. Tab VI. Scorpius Marinus Alter and Idem Supinus. Tab VII. Spirinehus and Siluri uera effigies. A complete copy and a charming collectors item. Provenance: at the inside of the front cover intials in ink perhaps by Theodoor G. van Lidth de Jeude (1788-1863) Utrecht; signature in ink by Prof. Jan van der Hoeven(1801-1868) Leiden; circular leather bookplate from the author Roger Paultre, see auction collection Roger Paultre de livres illustrés : Drouot Richelieu, Ader-Tajan, Paris, 6 juillet 1993. Nissen Schone Fischbucher no 116.

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